Silver Stone Handcrafted

Mary & Spencer Watson

Art Jewelry~Wearable Sculpture~Sandblasted Stones

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62, Sea Nymphs... Wavy & Kelpy PP Sculptures.jpg

Unique and deeply resonant figurative and/or abstract pieces are intended to be displayed on their own individual, removable base when not being worn. Each creation has it's own life and meaning and is a celebration of nature, spirit  and the power and beauty of relationship.                       

112, Ohio Gem Flint & Peach Moonstone Pendant.jpg

Contemporary and sophisticated creations intended to inspire a healthy appreciation of nature, connection, and all things good!  All of the work is designed and fabricated to be powerful statement pieces outstanding in quality, craftsmanship and style.

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Naturally beautiful stones sourced from the Great Lakes, individually chosen for shape, color, texture and character.  A protective, hand cut stencil is applied to each stone which is then sand-blasted to remove the exposed stone creating a compelling and unique "head" or image.

70, Opal & Square Peridot Earrings.jpg

Beautiful earrings constructed in fabulous and distinctive styles, often featuring unique stones, enamels, fossils, pearls and other unusual materials.  Various shapes and sizes, featuring contemporary as well as traditional metalsmithing techniques make for truly one of a kind designs. 

104, Turquoise & Hollow Forms Bracelet.jpg

Refreshingly different, completely unique designs created with care and consideration of every small detail.  The fit, weight and finish, as well as the aesthetically pleasing design of each piece is intended to delight  the wearer.

Overview - Memorial Jewelry.JPG

Sophisticated designs lovingly and discreetly contain cremated remains or other items from a deceased loved one.  The cremains are provided to us, by you, via USPS and are permanently sealed into each piece.  Please contact us to arrange details.


The Silver Stone Handcrafted Team...

Jeweler Mary Watson

Showing off a couple of jewelry creations.

6-2-2018 Summerfair, Christine Landrum.jpeg

"Rockman" Spencer Watson

Zen-ing out at the beach with stones on his mind!



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